Oil & Gas, Power Plant and Industrial Facilities Engineering – Part 1 | Project Management

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Nature of Oil & Gas, Power Plant and Industrial Facilities

The oil & gas sector is among the complex and large scale endeavours in society today. Although this project field has been around for over a century, the field is still shrouded in mystery. Not as a result of trade secrets or concealment of data but rather is due to the complexity and scale of the projects in this segment of professions. One of the ways to simplify a complex concept is to break it into smaller components and then carry out a design and practical modeling. For oil & gas however, the cost of implementing a model is in itself too huge to bear; thus, limiting a full grasp of the various concepts in the field.

There exists similarities between oil & gas, power plant and industrial facilities. Primarily, the size and complexity of these projects make them similar. Additionally, the existence of various processes within a facility location make them of related attribution.

Project Management Viewpoints

Principles in project management aid with the unraveling of several segments in the field of oil & gas. In conventional project management, there exists 4 to 5 stages of a project (depending on the school of though). For oil & gas projects however, the industry approach is to break down all projects into 3 stages. This is necessary as 3 of the four or five stages in conventional project management are intertwined. The approach of top-down and bottom-up estimation and visualisation of projects is a useful tool for simplifying projects.

An Industry Approach

Involvement in complex and high scale projects can be simplified applying principles of project management. An imagery of the concepts which have been broadened into 2 to 3 options makes information easier to grasp and manage.


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