AT also runs its business in some areas of agriculture, particularly in the field of rearing of animals. At present, we are involved in husbandry for animals such as: chickens, ram, and goats. These animals are being reared strictly for the purpose of meat production and sale.


We run poultry farms of various sizes for the grooming of broilers for the purpose of meat production. AT houses birds utilizing a rotation system which ensures that a certain population of birds is maintained at any point in time; with the constant replacement with chicks as full grown birds are being sold or slaughtered.

Our farms utilize various approaches and standardized methods in order to optimize body size and population of the birds as well as utilizing enhanced housing system to ensure a healthy environment for the birds.

Ram Fattening

Our branch office is home to the ram and goat fattening farm where it is strategically located on the entrance to Shonga Dairy Farms in Kwara state. The farm is built in a convenient manner as to ensure health and stability of the animals being reared on a land area of 6000m­­­2 which houses the animals.

We work with a well-coordinated supply and transportation system that enables our animals to be moved from where they are being groomed to where they are needed; in preparation to be sold or slaughtered.


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