Hidden Secrets of Money – Profiting from Damage to Humanity (Pandora’s Box) – Part 1

Science for many years has been a ‘solution’ to many challenges of humanity. Will this belief stand the test of time for the next 30 years? The introduction of the sustainable development ambitions around the world is a recent concept not older than 50 years. Checking the majority of concerns of these goals as set forth in the Paris Agreement shows that a majority of them are as a result of the actions of man upon the earth. Financial profit is the main driving force for some scientific breakthroughs without consideration for the consequences.

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Energy Production

Since electricity invention in the 19th century, the main fuel sources were wind, hydro and coal. Upon the discovery of nuclear technology in the 1930’s, wind was abandoned while nuclear and fossil fuels became front burners. Clearly the replacement of alternative fuel sources was purely economical.


Impact assessment on a relatively new technology is like fetching water with a basket. The last 50 years have shown that the risk and environmental impact assessment done in majority of science projects have been insufficient.

Pandora’s box is a clear analogy of the current situation of humanity upon the earth. The full risk of a phenomenon that has never been used is impossible to be quantified. A brief listing of these scientific catastrophes by categories are thus:

  1. Oil contamination in Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador (similarly in other countries of the world)
  2. Chernobyl nuclear disaster (similarly in other countries of the world)
  3. High-Fructose Corn Syrup (food related inventions)
  4. Cigarettes
  5. Plastics
  6. Weapons
  7. Bacterial potency science

Sustainability is the Reversal of Inventions of Scientists

A study of the whole concept of sustainability shows a reversal of outcomes of brilliant scientific inventions. If the inventors of the nuclear technology for power generation was awarded for the ‘good’ work, then either the awards are retrieved or new sets of awards are issued to sustainable technology experts. It shows clearly that despite knowing the consequences of scientific inventions, making money is the primary motivation. The present day inventions have led to disproportionate distribution of wealth at higher levels than has been seen in history.

Below is a video with concepts of how humans can live in a sustainable manner…

Video of oil spill in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador


  1. The Darker Side of Invention – https://artsandculture.google.com/theme/the-darker-side-of-invention/dgKy8cSx6BC7LQ?hl=en

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