Hidden Secrets of Money – How to Make Yours

The one limitation on the minds of most people is how do I get funds for my business? There are real estate companies which are trusted with large loans in hundreds of millions to fund a housing project. While the construction is ongoing, these companies have agents who are advertising the incomplete houses to people to for sale. While the loan is running for a period, the houses are being purchased by people on the other hand. So within that period the loan is repaid in the same breath as the houses are being purchased. So large funds do not actually come from these companies private pockets. This is one concept of how to building wealth from nothing. It is through knowledge of financial systems, debt, foreign exchange rates and fluctuations, contracts and agreements that a person can act.

Photo 1: showing Robert Kiyosaki one of the believers in the idea of building wealth from nothing

One of the key ways of how to make money in a society is by replicating a system from a developed country in an underdeveloped country. A key example is Jumia in Nigeria, which is similar to such online stores as Amazon, Aliexpress amongst others. What makes companies as these in Nigeria to be successful is that they started it first in Nigeria although they are not the first globally.

So this simple steps will help anyone get and make wealth in an easier way:

  1. Learn to have a mindset of spending the least required amount to invest in a business.
  2. Have an understanding of the financial system, about debt, foreign exchange, contracts, and agreements.
  3. Learn business models from different regions in the world and work towards imitating them in your environment
  4. Learn to kick start your investment with small amounts of your savings
  5. Look for a need in your environment and work towards meeting the need in exchange for payment

Here is a video which could help with further study in such areas.


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