Foreign Exchange Rates by Country Central Banks – Updated 6th November 2021 20:45 GMT-1

Central Banks control official reporting of exchange rates. There are policies which enable citizens benefit from the best rates possible compared to other sources of forex. People need a working understanding of the dynamic applications of forex. There is a story of retirees from Poland who were paying their mortgage in foreign currency and the money lost value and it seemed like they had to start all over again making payment. It seems like a game, and no one cares who makes losses.

A broad understanding about money is necessary for every citizen of the world. A class in economics cannot give one that. There is widely distributed information online which have summarized the concept about money. At the end of these currency updates is a short video which provides a summarized view of the concept of money and forex by extension.

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Bank of Canada
Bank of China
Bank of England
Bank of India

Bank of Japan
Bank of Russia
Central Bank of Nigeria
Federal Reserve USA

Reserve Bank of Australia
Sedlabanki Islands
Deutshe Bundesbank
Banque de France

Banca D’Italia
Banco de Espana
Swiss National Bank
Suomen Pankki Finlands Bank

Banco de Portugal
Norges Bank
Central Bank of the UAE
Saudi Central Bank
Qatar Central Bank

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