Nigerian Fashion and Craft- Beads and Jewelry

Beads and Jewelry are one of the most versatile vibrant gemstones which appear in different pieces including bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. Nigeria beads designs are one of the oldest in Africa and are a perfect blend of tradition, culture and latest fashion trends. They are so unique that not one bead is exactly the same of the other. The colour, size and finishes are different.

Latest necklace beads designs

These Mistic beads are made of glass which have a crackled glass effect, they are beautifully polished and pristine. They come in oval or round shapes and in variety of sizes. These necklaces can be used to either accessorize your traditional wedding atire or aso ebi if you are a guest.

Earring bead designs.

Our lovely earrings designs are not only perfect accessories for any occasion but a great gift for your loved ones. Here are some of our pieces

Here is a photo of a bride rocking the mistic white round bead

You can shop for more lovely designs and colour from our….


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