Foundation Engineering – STAAD Foundation Designs 10 Substructure Types

There are several civil engineering applications in the market today which optimize design. STAAD has been one of the most complex and highly specialized of them all. Thus engineers often tow the path of least resistance with their selection. STAAD Foundation with copyright of 2013 is a recent application and till date, some think it is as complex as its parent progamme or that it is merged into STAAD. To the contrary, STAAD Foundation is a standalone application which provides solutions to foundation design problems. One of the major benefits of STAAD Foundation is its ability to design supports for plant facilities.

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Foundation Design Capabilities of STAAD Foundation:

Foundation types which can be designed with this programme:

  1. Isolate Footing
  2. Combined Footing
  3. Mat Foundation
  4. Pile Cap
  5. Laterally Loaded Drilled Pier/ Driven Pile
  6. Anchor Guyed Foundation
  7. Ribbed Beam Foundation
  8. Horizontal Vessel Footing
  9. Vertical Vessel Footing (rectangular and octagonal)  
  10. Ring Beam for Above Ground Storage Tank

Key Benefits of the Application

  1. Carries out foundation design for 10 foundation types
  2. Provides design calculations across code standards
  3. Generates GA and structural drawings
  4. It simplifies design of foundations in plant facilities
  5. It provides easy resources for communication purposes

Tutorial videos on several of the foundation types have been posted in previous posts. The last videos in this topic segment are:

Mat Foundation

Pile Cap tutorial

Drilled or Driven Pier Foundation


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