Civil Engineering – 4 Major Techniques and Areas for Soil Stabilisation

The foundation is the most important part of any structure, but more important is the seat of that foundation.  Having a concrete foundation which can resist the load from the structure is good; however, if the stratum upon which the foundation lies fails, the strength of the concrete system will be irrelevant. Soil stabilization is the study of strengthening of soils in and around engineering structures. There are 4 major areas where soil stabilization is applied, are in erosion prevention on slope, highway, land reclamation and Vibroflotation.

Onshore civil engineering requires a grasp of the different areas of soil stabilization. Soil stabilisation is one of the key areas during the design and construction of industrial facilities. The approaches applied in the 4 listed areas are individually different, however the basic principles of soil stabilization still apply. Soil stabilization is divided into mechanical and chemical stabilization of the soil.

Added to this listing of soil stabilization areas is land reclamation. This is a major field which apply rules such as shore protection, dredging, compaction, growing of vegetation among other activities.

What soil stabilisation is (video):

Erosion Prevention on Slope Consists of Soil Stabilization Activities

Soil erosion results in adverse consequences for engineering structures. The use of vegetation, coarse aggregates, geosynthetic materials, retaining walls etc. are some of the ways the impact of erosion is minimized.

Photo showing a slope with vegetation used to prevent erosion (Catchment of Resources)

Slope stabilization (video):

Highway Layers Consists Of Soil Stabilization Activities

Road layer activities on site (video):

Land Reclamation Consists of Soil Stabilization Activities

The activities involved in land reclamation and requires several studies. In the most part, processes involved are shore protection, dredging, landfill, compaction, and allowance of the land fill to naturally settle and compact over some months or years.

Land reclamation activities and outcome (video):

Vibroflotation Consists of Soil Stabilization Activities

In terms of boring of a hole in the ground, vibroflotation is similar to pile foundation. Vibrofolation focuses on bulking up of soil density by reducing air voids and increasing lateral soil strength. In the process, the vertical bearing capacity of soil segments within the boundary of the stone columns.

Vibroflotation activities (video):


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