Nigerian Fashion Craft – Tie and Dye

Tie and Dye fabric which is popularly known as Adire in Nigeria is an indigo dyed fabric made mostly in the South Western region of Nigeria. Today tie and dye has been elevated to a high fashion trend all over the world by different brands from dresses, tee shirts, scarves and sandals, there is no limit to the number of designs that can be made by tie and dye. It is fresh modern and a must have this season. If you haven’t already embraced the tie and dye fashion, there is no time like the present.

Tie and dye is made from soft cotton fabric that has a great quality and a variety of subtle, beautiful colour palette that is easy to blend to suit your style. Clothing made from tie and dye designs can be made into fashionable clothing that will suit any occasion.

Here are some of our cool designs and how to rock them

These bintage lovely inspired tee shirt combine bright colours that will add a relaxed touch to your image and make you fee cheerful. It can be combined with your favourite jeans or trousers.

This cool burgundy red and soot black gowns with hand printed tie and dye pattern stylishly placed in the middle of this lovely gown can be used as a cool evening wear to that dinner party or other public engagements.

These beautiful timeless scarves come in different colours you can style as a head gear or use as a shawl.

These timeless colourful patterns is a proof that tie and dye can be a chic wear, whether you wear it to the beach, that vacation or date night, this look is effortlessly cool.

You can shop these beautiful tie and dye designs from… WearArtCreationz


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