Your Guide to Health – Managing Cholesterol and Stress Levels in the Blood Vessels

The information provided in this series ‘Your Guide to Health’ are based on the book “Your Guide to Health” written by Dr. Clifford Russell Anderson and other references from The following is meant as public enlightenment rather than as an alternative to engaging the services of a qualified medical professional. ‘Your Guide To Health’ is available on Amazon both on paperback and kindle version.


According to Dr Clifford R Anderson in his book “Your Guide To Health”, High blood pressure is a very common condition seen in modern life. In most cases the true cause is not known. Certain hormone changes in the kidneys may be partially responsible. Nervous tension also plays an important part, for reasons that are not too clear at present. Treatment: Patients with high blood pressure should always try to follow a well-balanced programme of exercise and rest. Walking is an excellent form of exercise. It builds strong muscles and helps to relieve the tensions of life. This also aids in the circulation of the blood. Can be found in chapter 30 of the book on pages 246 and 248.2

The recommendations of an experienced and qualified medical practitioner will be of optimum value. Also, the treatment explanations made by Dr. Anderson brings us back to this cycle for a healthy lifestyle.

Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary artery disease is the most common of all forms of heart disease today. More people die from coronary thrombosis than from all other forms of illness put together, including infections, accidents and cancer. Many of these victims are men who are cut down by a severe heart attack during their most productive years.

To understand this problem we must briefly review the anatomy and function of the heart. The coronary vessels supply the heart muscle itself with blood. These two main vessels, the right and left coronary arteries, arise from the very first portion of the aorta. They encircle the heart, supplying every muscle fibre with blood.

During that brief moment when the heart is contracting, the blood rushes through the aortic valve into the aorta and on to all parts of the body. During this split second when the heart is contracting, the openings to the coronary arteries are closed by the aortic valve cusps. When the aortic valve closes, the openings to the coronary arteries are uncovered. This allows blood to flow through these all- important vessels of the coronary system. It is during this split second when the heart walls are relaxing that the heart feeds itself. Blood flows through the coronary system more easily when the heart beats with a steady rhythm. The heart is far less efficient when the rhythm is irregular as in atrial fibrillation.

Like arteries in other parts of the body, the coronary vessels can undergo certain changes, known as atherosclerosis. In this condition the elastic walls of these arteries become damaged in some way. The cells are then replaced by a soft, pasty material that often interferes with the normal flow of blood. Eventually this mushy substance be- comes filled or replaced with lime or calcium. The vessel walls become hard and can no longer expand or contract. This further stage is known as arteriosclerosis.

The inner surface of one of these narrowed vessels becomes roughened and may then begin to trap some of the tiny microscopic platelets in the blood stream. As these platelets begin to stick to the roughened surface, a clot forms and before long that blood-vessel is completely blocked.2 this excerpt can be found in chapter 30 of the book “Your Guide To Health” on pages 251.

Courtesy of: Advanced Cardio Vascular Care

There are several videos on YouTube which recommend some health drinks, and smoothies to help remove plaque from the blood vessels. Such components of the drinks are:

  1. Garlic
  2. Lemon
  3. Ginger
  4. Turmeric
  5. Beans
  6. Green Vegetables
  7. Watermelon and Cucumber
  8. Nuts

There are a whole lot of material online on the issue of coronary artery disease which have been proven. The duration it takes before a person recovers from coronary artery disease, after consuming these healthy foods, may not be known. We do, however, know that if a person spent 10 years living unhealthy, and thereafter expecting to recover after one month of taking these foods is not realistic. It is time we reduced the number of people who are defeated by this disease.

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