Your Guide to Health – Food Addiction Slows Improvement of Heart Conditions

Unsurprisingly, among the most popular items to first fly off the shelves were comfort foods such as frozen boxes of mac and cheese and packaged cookies. It makes sense as to why so many people gravitated toward junk food—people were looking for something familiar at the onset of an unprecedented time”.1 According to YahooLife, following the news of the first lockdown due to the pandemic, many people trooped to stores to purchase items to survive the first few weeks. It was at this point that people really knew who they were in terms of what foods they thought they needed to survive. Due to what we have been trained to eat from birth, many people believe they cannot survive without certain meals; despite knowing the dangers inherent in them. When we act against our will and choose these unhealthy meals, it is how we know we are addicted. Food addiction is one of the main reasons people do not improve heart health through diet.

The information provided in this series ‘Your Guide to Health’ are based on the book “Your Guide to Health” written by The information provided in this series ‘Your Guide to Health’ are based, in part, on the book “Your Guide to Health” written by Dr. Clifford Russell Anderson. The following is meant as public enlightenment rather than as an alternative to engaging the services of a qualified medical professional. ‘Your Guide To Health’ is available on Amazon.

Courtesy of Times of India: Junk Foods is Deadlier Than What it was 30 Years Ago

Humans general believe that for any system to exist for many years then that system must be a tested and trusted approach. This is to blame for why we feel that without certain foods we cannot survive. We now live in times, however, where we need to challenge diet norms which we know have not been helpful. Some of the dietary system we are accustomed to are not up to 50 to a 100 years, and during this period, the number of heart diseases have sky rocketed.

There are some heart diseases which can be safely managed till a person enters into old age. Such heart diseases which relate to cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and the likes may be managed through medication, diet and exercise. For a person to have spent over 15 years consuming unhealthy meals that leads to a heart condition, reversing such condition logically should take another “15 years”. This kind of mindset could help people have patience with themselves while they follow the advice of a dietician.

As long as it has to do with our health, abstaining from any meal should not be off limits. The time it takes to recover from a manageable heart condition may not necessarily take a life time, but strict adherence to dietary instructions can speed up the process.

Here is a helpful video that talks about food addiction. Also, the author of the page has a 12 part video series on natural meals that can reverse some heart conditions.

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