Hidden Secrets of Money – Fight Inflation through Multiplication

Almond nuts are one of the healthy plant based proteins which help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood vessels. While growing up in Nigeria we had what we then called the Ebelebo tree and we climbed the trees to get its fruit. Several years later while searching for scarce almond fruits in the supermarket, I got to find out that Ebelebo fruits are actually the famous almond fruit, I was gob-smacked.  This was shocking because most of the almond nuts or almond milk sold back then in Nigeria were imported from outside the country. I have told this story here because many people do not know how to convert a seed into a tree of fruits. The ability to convert a seed to a tree is what we call multiplication. This is the final topic of this series on ‘Hidden Secrets of Money’ and I advise you view the earlier 4 posts to catch up. Here again are the topics and concepts covered.

  1. What is Real Money?
  2. Why is There Inflation and Imbalance of Wealth?
  3. The Hidden Truth About Money
  4. How You Can Make Yours
  5. Fight Inflation Through Multiplication

In the previous post we looked at different means by which a person can get funding in order to make their wealth. In this post we focus on the last point, which is on how we can fight inflation through multiplication.

Most normal everyday jobs cannot help a person meet up financial needs because the rate of inflation in countries all around the world is rising fast. So a person needs to follow the method of converting their seed into a product that has no time or space restrictions.

The population of Africa is 1.2 Billion and let’s say 20% of that number have a need and your product can satisfy that need. This is a clear example of how we can make wealth, which is by meeting the needs of a large number of people. It is our responsibility to find out what product needs they have.

One of the reasons the Hidden Secrets of Money have been covered is because it is time for as many people as possible to have financial freedom. And the only way for anyone to get out of this fake money system is by getting sufficient paper money or currency and converting it into real wealth. When I say real wealth, I mean, lands, houses, agricultural produce, knowledge and training, precious metals, currency savings etc.

Here are a few ways to get the right product.

  1. A person can develop the product themselves
  2. A person can obtain product distribution permission from a manufacturer in a foreign country to become their partner in your home country
  3. A person can repackage a product when the rights of ownership is expired.

A person does not necessarily have to invent everything. So in summary, turn your seed into a tree. And from that tree you have many fruits and from those fruits come many more seeds.

Here is the video explaining in more detail… 


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