45+ Job Positions in Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) – Open between 15th December 2022 to 5th January 2023

There are opportunities in NLNG for graduate and experiences personnels alike. There is a minimum of 45 positions availalable for recruitment. This represent about 90 to 135 available jobs. Detailed information about the company is available on https://www.nigerialng.com/the-company/Pages/Who-We-Are.aspx.

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Catchment of Resources is not a representative of job platforms and also does not endorse any transactions. It is always advisable for people to check the main website of companies listed in job platforms to verify authenticity. Most job boards do not link directly to the company’s career page. And creating an account on a platform does not guarantee that the company will receive the job application.

Best practice requires that a prospective candidate apply on the main companies website on the career page and then refer to the job portal as the source of information. That way, the application goes directly to the company, and the company gives credit to the job platform’s management.

NLNG Job Portal: https://www.nigerialng.com/Careers/Pages/Current-Vacancies.aspx

Above is the link for the jobs at NLNG. The vacancies include:

  1. Senior IT Security, Risk Management & Control – Technical (Port Harcourt)
  2. Business Analyst – Data Analytics (Port Harcourt)
  3. Senior Finance Systems Analyst – ERP (Port Harcourt)
  4. Finance Systems Officer – Master Data Maintenance (Port Harcourt)
  5. Senior Payment Accountant (Port Harcourt)
  6. Cost Analyst – Production (Port Harcourt)
  7. Payment Accountant – Staff Payments (Port Harcourt)
  8. Senior Security Advisor Operations (Port Harcourt)
  9. Senior Security Advisor, IA. (Bonny)
  10. Senior Counsel Technical & Projects (Port Harcourt)
  11. Lead Counsel Lands & Claims (Port Harcourt)
  12. Lead Refit Engineer (Port Harcourt)
  13. Charter & Fleet Admin Associate (Port Harcourt)
  14. Charter Admin Advisor (Port Harcourt)
  15. Senior Contracting & Procurement Business Analyst & Control (Port Harcourt)
  16. Principal Lab Analyst (Bonny)
  17. Senior Lab Analyst (Bonny)
  18. Senior Lab Analyst (Bonny)
  19. Senior Process Control Engineer – Area A (Bonny)
  20. Senior Gas Contracts Management (Port Harcourt)
  21. Senior Process Safety Engineer (Bonny)
  22. Lead Process Engineer – Area B & C (Bonny)
  23. Snr. Process Control Engineer – Area D & E​​
  24. Green House Emissions & Assurance (Port Harcourt)
  25. HSE Maintenance & Operations (Bonny)
  26. HSE Advisor (Port Harcourt)
  27. Lead Utilities Engineer – Area A (Bonny)
  28. Lead Process Engineer – Area A, B & C (Bonny)
  29. Senior Process Engineer (Port Harcourt)
  30. Senior Discipline Plant Engineer (Bonny)
  31. Senior Inst Engineer – IPF Test & SPI Asrn B & C (Bonny)
  32. Senior Inspection Engineer – Utilities (Bonny)
  33. Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer – Process Trains 1-3 (Area D) – (Bonny)
  34. Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer Util, S&L, LPG&LHU (Bonny)
  35. Senior Electrical Engineer – Non-plant area / HVAC & Lighting (Port Harcourt)
  36. Senior Discipline Plant Engineer – Area B/C (Bonny)
  37. Senior Instrument Engineer, CTM – CTM Assurance & Compliance (Bonny)
  38. Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer – Process Trains 4-6 (Area E) – (Bonny)
  39. Interface Engineer (Bonny)
  40. Project Engineer – Cluster I/Cluster II (Bonny)
  41. Senior Project Engineer – Cluster II (Bonny)
  42. Senior Project Engineer – Electrical (Bonny)
  43. Senior Project Engineer – Electrical (Bonny)
  44. Senior Project Engineer – Civil (Bonny)
  45. Senior Project Engineer – Mechanical (Bonny) 

The process for applying for the positions on the careers page, (as linked above):

  1. Select “Register with Us” to register.
  2. If you have already registered, click on “Job Search”.
  3. Click on “Start” and the position advertised will be displayed.
  4. Scroll down and select the position by clicking on the grey box in front of position
  5. Click on “Apply
  6. Attach /upload copies of only the specified documents – on the Job Portal. Send your application once you have completed all the segments of the application portal

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