Nigerian Fashion Craft – WearArt Creationz Earrings, Necklaces and More…

Diamonds for many years have been mined from the bottom of the earth. The method of natural formation and its limited availability have ensured they remain a valuable commodity. This however could be short-lived, as diamonds can now be produced in the laboratory.

Handmade necklaces and earrings by WearArtCreationz are an artful replacement of other machine type jewelries. A few of their products are showcased below:

Tie and Dye fabric are an art form of creations on clothing. In most cases, the material used is composed of cotton for high quality with efficient absorption of the dye paint. Other fabric types are also used, like silk. The use of machine for dye patterns is one approach, while the hand made type requires tying of the fabric at sections and soaked in dye. There are patterns which can only be achieved by hand.

Attires made with tie & dye are ideal for casual events, such as outings at the beach, and holiday events. Traditional events are also a good place to showcase the flamboyance of the appearance of these fabrics.

WearArtCreationz specialize in tie & die material production. A brief list of their main products for sale:

  • Scarves and veils – $22 + shipping
  • Polo T-shirts – $15 + shipping
  • Dresses for ladies – $25 + shipping
  • Slippers, sandals with tie & dye fabric – $15 + shipping

Other products are:

  • Handmade beeds
  • Handmade necklaces
  • Handmade bracelets and anklets

For bulk purchase, contact:

Akpodelta Tech: +2348182035528,
WearArtCreationz: on Instagram

Polo shirts
Scarves and veils


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