Your Guide to Health – Chapter 7: Minerals your Body Needs

In the market today are several mineral supplements; calcium, iodine, phosphorus, iron etc. Asides these off the shelf drugs, the foods people eat daily contain these minerals but in less concentrated forms.  Often, attention is not paid to the quantity of these in diets. A comment from the second video (below); there are people who feel unwell but there is no diagnosable ailment at the doctor’s office. A suggestion is that such a person may be deficient of minerals. The levels of minerals in the body could influence the strength of bones, muscles and nerves.

Every individual should know what food type will provide them the necessary minerals. The services of a Nutritionist cannot be overemphasized. Adequate consumption of minerals could reverse ailments in the early stages in the blood, bones and muscles.

Top 10 Foods High in Essential Minerals by TutsCorner How To Tips and Advice

The information provided in this series ‘Your Guide to Health’ are based, in part, on the book “Your Guide to Health” written by Dr. Clifford Russell Anderson. The following is meant as public enlightenment rather than as an alternative to engaging the services of a qualified medical professional. ‘Your Guide to Health’ is available on Amazon.

The basics of minerals is still relevant in society today. Considering financial constraints and the temptation to cut on foods high in micronutrients. Your Guide to Health in Chapter 7 (Minerals your Body Needs) gives details on the impact of minerals on the body. The chapter focuses on:

  • Bone diseases due to minerals
  • Red blood cells and mineral in the blood stream
  • Summary on minerals: calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine etc.

There are standard charts and online resources which show quantities of contained minerals in foods and some also provide a guide for consumption. Note should also be taken as to areas where a person has allergies in order to ensure moderation. Below is a video which shows mineral content for 10 easily accessible foods.


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