Hidden Secrets of Money – Making Money is a Game with Rules

The Battle of Waterloo was fought in June 1815. It was a battle between Napoleon Bonaparte heading the French Army and Duke of Wellington leading the British coalition. An end to the Napoleonic Wars took place on the 18th of June were the British forces defeated the French. Prior to this significant happening, the sponsors of the armies of the French and the British who were actually brothers decided that it was more profitable for the British to win the war (see references). One of the brothers, knowing the outcome of the war, in a smart move influenced public perception about the future value of British bonds. And people fell for the simulation, knowing full well that if the British lost the war the country’s economy will decline. This was possible because currencies are dependent on public acceptance and not on its intrinsic value. All currencies are used in transforming intangible resources into tangible resources such as gold, silver, natural resources, land, livestock etc. An expert in playing the money game is someone who is able to convert currencies into as much real money as possible.

All currency including the emerging cryptocurrencies are of little or no value asides the confidence people give it. Real money has to fulfil 5 criteria of which cryptocurrencies does not fulfil at least one of them (see ‘What is Real Money?’), they also do not stand the test of time. For recorded history of man dating over 4000 years, what medium for transactions were people using prior to 2009 when cryptocurrencies became more widely acceptable? Bonds, shares, crypto etc. are all based on public confidence as with foreign exchange.

The aim of the money game is to get as much currencies and convert them into real money. Whatever currency becomes a legal tender, it is required for everyone to comply appropriately. And it is important that people understand that the value is not in the currency, but in what tangible item the currency can be used to acquire. As with every other game, there are rules. An understanding of how to play the game of acquiring currencies and converting to real money requires insight.

Everyone is required to become an expert in acquiring currencies. There is so much opportunity for making wealth tailored to every individual’s knowledge, but the underlying principles are basically the same.

Below is a video which describes some rules of playing the money making game.


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