School of Beginners – Tips for Development and Improving of Understanding & Writing Skills

Of common knowledge is the importance of writing in our various careers, most especially formal writing: we offer here some useful information.
This resource will be most helpful to individuals who know full well they need to declare a ‘state of emergency’ in their writing and understanding of English, used in communication in their respective careers, education and chosen field of endeavours. It is important to note here that any skill which we lack but know full well that such abilities will take us to the next level in our careers, should be of utmost priority to any individual. Master your craft!school-of-beginners-writing-basics
The following are some basic techniques and activities which can be considered to better enhance development of writing.
⇒ Reading of essays from qualified and experienced writers
⇒ Because they have studied the art of writing, and you gain an understanding of structure in writing
⇒ Studying of books and texts which discuss: report writing, technical report writing, editorials etc.
⇒ Reading of novels, newspaper articles, analysis documents etc.
⇒ It is important here to state that the reading of these books should not be limited to documents which are already of interest to the reader
⇒ The idea is about getting a hold of any material and consuming them through reading, thus, developing a desire to read more materials as a hobby without limiting the scope of reading and understanding
⇒ Continuous practice, routine reading and repetition of the learning of word definitions, synonyms and antonyms
⇒ Proof read write-ups by getting a different person to read through and correct where necessary

The last tip is amongst the most important of all. With this, a person confronts and overcomes the fear of being wrong whenever corrected. Also, it helps a person get a first hand idea of how people may view the write-up as opposed to that person’s perception.
Find attached helpful resource than can help with jump starting your own base templates for developing your understanding of words, synonyms and its uses. If you feel these tips could be helpful to someone else, kindly share… It is free.


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