26 Highest Paid Occupations in the U.S.

Most lists of top career salaries on the internet miss one profession. For decades now, focus has been on technical careers in the sense of societal productivity. The entertainment sector however which comprises of sports, acting, and public performances has grown into a defined career path. A brief study into the number of people involved, the income earned and the wide publicity justifies its inclusion in the existing lists of top earning careers around the world.

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Number of Neurosurgeons in USA Compared with Sports

Taking neurosurgery which stands at over $290,000 per year for case study, a comparison with sports is possible. Doing a quick online search, one will discover that there are about 3,5001 practicing neurosurgeons in the USA. When compared with National Basketball Association NBA players, which stands at 4892 people, it may seem surgeons far outnumber them. But when National Football League NFL players which stands at 1,6963 is added; the total players rises to 2,185. This number is closer with career persons in neurosurgery. Thus, these sports collectively may represent a career.

Average and least Salaries in Sports

On average, NBA players earn around $7.3 million4 while for the NFL about $2.7 million5 per year. This number is huge in comparison with regular professions listed on top earning careers. To be conservative and avoid exaggeration, the least salary in the NBA is $518,021. Clearly, as a profession, sports ranks high as a top earning career.

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Existing List from Investopedia


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