LIVE Coverage of Geldingadalir Volcano, Iceland – Land of Fire & Ice

The week preceding 3rd of August 2022, there were various reports of a pending earthquake in Iceland. Afterwards, multiple quakes of varying magnitude and duration happened. And without announcement, by lunch time of 3rd August 2022 a volcano at Geldingadalir became active.

Considering this is summer time and tourists are presently in the country, it may feel like a chance of a lifetime. Around the world, there are only 20 locations where volcanoes have been active since 1950. And fewer number of active volcanoes as at today the 5th of August 2022.

Government agencies in the country have warned against hasty visit to the sites. This is reasonable as visibility may be poor and pathway for vehicles and pedestrians may have been compromised. Furthermore, tourists may not have prepared sufficiently for this kind of once in a life experience.

In March of 2021, a volcano at Fagradalsfjall became active and lasted for 6 months. The aftermath of the volcano had many tourists visiting.

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